Services WHP provide to Immigrants

Here at WHP we provide confidential services to all people regardless of their immigration status. We assist individuals or families with any health coverage needs, from identifying eligibility to completing applications.  Some of the health coverage plans that we help with include, Medicaid, Emergency Medicaid, Washtenaw Health Plan, and the Marketplace. WHP even assists individuals whom need help understanding their Employer’s Insurance options.

To ensure that all individuals and families have access to services and resources at WHP, we have a language line that provides real time interpretation services for anyone who prefers to receive information in their native language. Our language line services assist families in understanding documents, and it gives families the confidence to ask questions and engage in dialogue so we can better assist their needs. The Language Line can assist with over 240 different languages.

In addition to helping individuals and families identifying what health coverage they are eligible for, WHP can provide families with referrals and resources to address additional needs that go beyond health. We refer families to agencies throughout Washtenaw County. Some of our referrals include: Catholic Social Services, Jewish Family Services and Hope Clinic.

With the current immigration climate, we are aware many individuals and families need the necessary resources to feel safe in their community. WHP provides families with Know Your Rights information, including updated lists of attorneys helping community members with immigration questions and community organizations that advocate for immigrants such as the Washtenaw County Id Project and Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights (WICIR). Most recently, WHP can now notarize Power of Attorney forms and translate foreign driver’s licenses.


-T. South Peterson