Get Covered by Medicaid

apply for medicaid online at or call to make an appointment.  

To qualify for Medicaid, your household size and income must meet the eligibility requirements for different Medicaid programs.  Adults, children, infants and pregnant women may qualify for different medicaid programs.  

Individuals in the same family may qualify for different programs. Check each chart below.  If anyone in your family qualifies for Medicaid, the application should include all members of the family.  If income is over for an adult, the adult may qualify for tax credits and cost sharing on the Marketplace. If income is over for a child, check MIChild income eligibility requirements.  

Healthy Kids covers children ages 1 to 18. Children have full medical and dental coverage. 

18 year olds are covered up to their 19th birthday.  





Healthy Michigan Plan covers adults ages 19 to 64.  This includes medical, prescription, dental, mental health and hospitalization.  Adults may have to pay into a MI Health account.  Read more about the MI Health Account

Depending on your immigration status, you may qualify for Emergency Services Only. 


Infants age 0 to 1 qualify for medical and dental coverage through Medicaid.  Pregnant women qualify for pregnancy Medicaid regardless of their immigration status.

If a woman is pregnant, the household size is calculated as +1. A family of 3 that includes a pregnant woman, is calculated as a family of 4.

Infants born to mothers who were covered by Medicaid during pregnancy are automatically covered by Medicaid up to their 1st birthday.  If a child no longer qualifies for Healthy Kids Medicaid after the first birthday, check eligibility for MIChild


Starting March 1, 2016, there is a new Medicaid group for pregnant women, babies born to women who were pregnant and those under age 21 called the Flint Water Group Medicaid.  In order to be eligible you must meet income eligibility guidelines and have been impacted the Flint Water System.  This includes anyone who lived, worked, attended school or received childcare services at an address served by the Flint water system.  

Read more about Flint Water Group Medicaid