Employer Insurance

Most people, if offered employer insurance, will need to choose it over Marketplace coverage. For most people, if their employer offers insurance they will not qualify for Marketplace subsidies. Read more here.

Employer coverage is considered affordable if the employee’s share of the annual premium for the lowest priced self-only plan is no greater than 9.86% of annual household income. People offered employer-sponsored coverage that’s affordable and provides minimum value aren't eligible for a premium tax credit through the Marketplace.

Employee Benefits Package

Adults and children can qualify for Medicaid while they are enrolled in an employer insurance plan. Children in Michigan in a family of four whose income is less than $54,467 are eligible for Medicaid (either Healthy Kids or MIChild). Adults in a family of four can qualify for Medicaid with an income below $34,638. Explore and learn more about Medicaid eligibility here.

You will qualify for an exemption if your employer health coverage costs more than 8% of your household income. Find the exemption forms here.