Washtenaw Health Plan: We Help People

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, a lot has changed around here at the WHP… but then again, a lot has remained the same!

The actual Plan of the WHP is the health coverage program for low income county residents with chronic health issues that were not eligible for other health insurance. Prior to the ACA, we mainly facilitated enrollment in to our plan, but also helped with Medicaid enrollment for other eligible family members. As Medicaid expanded and the Federal Marketplace opened however, our enrollment numbers dropped from over 8,000 in September 2013 to just over 1,000 today.

You may ask: What are the WHP staff doing to stay so busy?

We have simply shifted our work to helping the community navigate the new world of health coverage. We welcome anyone to come in for help applying for coverage or to ask questions. While many of those who come in we are able to neatly direct toward the health coverage program they are eligible for, we often find ourselves with the cases that are, to say the least, confusing

  • Family members who are eligible for different programs
  • Immigration status changes and immigration status in general
  • Income fluctuation, seasonal work, self-employment, rental income, IRA distribution, child support and alimony, social security back pay
  • Job based coverage and the family glitch

And the list goes on! We seem to have seen it all… well, until we haven’t.

At our last staff meeting we joked that the WHP acronym should be changed from Washtenaw Health Plan to We Help People. We have proudly become the go to place in Washtenaw County for the messy, tangled health coverage situation.

WHP Staff Meeting

WHP Staff Meeting

We challenge you to bring us an issue that we aren't able to solve!

--Haley Haddad

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