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Refugees and Asylees granted full Medicaid

The Category Code will identify someone with a refugee or asylee status. For example, RE (refugee) or AS (asylee).

The Category Code will identify someone with a refugee or asylee status. For example, RE (refugee) or AS (asylee).

Some immigrants have a waiting period before they are eligible for full medical coverage, and until then they receive Medicaid- Emergency Services Only. You can find out about services for most immigrants here, however the rules are different for refugees and asylees.

Those that enter the country with refugee or asylee statuses may be immediately eligible for Medicaid and other assistance through the Refugee Assistance Program, a federally funded program through the Department of Health and Human Human Services. They continue this eligibility only for the first eight months after refugee or asylee was granted. An individual is eligible for this immediate assistance if they have one of the following statuses:

  • Refugee or Asylee.
  • Cuban/Haitian entrant.
  • Amerasian.
  • Parolee.
  • Victim of trafficking.
  • Iraqi or Afghan Special Immigrant VISA (SIV) holders.
  • U-Visa holders.

After these first eight months, most refugees and asylees will be eligible for full benefits, such as the Healthy Michigan Plan, Healthy Kids, or MIChild. If you think you might be eligible for full benefits, but have been denied or only have coverage for limited services contact Washtenaw Health Plan at (734) 544-3030.

Jewish Family Services is an excellent resource in Washtenaw County for immigrants of all categories. The Resettlement Program specifically assists refugees with the transition to living in the United States, but they also offer citizenship and English as a Second Language classes geared toward anyone. Contact Jewish Family Services at (734) 769-0209.

-Haley Haddad

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