Medicaid Covers Hearing Aids

Most Medicaid Plans Cover Hearing Aids


Your hearing is important and you can get hearing exams if you have Medicaid Healthy Michigan Plan,  Healthy Kids, MIChild, or Traditional Medicaid. Some Medicaid plans do not cover people over age 21.   People age 21 and over should check with their individual health plans.  There could also be a small copayment for people 21 years of age or more.


What does Medicaid Cover?

  • Medicaid covers both routine and comprehensive hearing exams to diagnose and treat diseases of the ear and also tests to determine the need for hearing aids or alternative listening devices (ALDs).
  • Medicaid covers hearing aids (once every 5 years), fittings, cords, tubing, connectors, oscillators, receivers, and huggies. 
  • Medicaid covers alternative listening devices (ALDs) for people 21 years of age or more (once every 3 years).
  • Medicaid covers Cochlear Implants for all ages.
    • Infants to 23 months of age with a hearing loss of at least 90 db.
    • 2 years and older with a hearing loss of at least 70 db.
  • Medicaid covers delivery, adjustments, and modifications of hearing aids within a 24 month period.  The manufacturer’s warranty must cover a 90 day trial period in which the hearing aid can be exchanged or returned if the user is not satisfied.
  • Medicaid also covers battery and ear mold replacements, maintenance, and repairs.




What to Expect at a Hearing Exam

Your primary care physician will start by asking questions about you and your family's medical history, and hearing problems that you are having.  In most cases your primary care physician will complete the first routine hearing exam and, if necessary, refer you to an otolaryngologist or an otologist. Prior authorizations and medical documentation are required for the coverage of hearing aids. 

A typical hearing test at a specialist's office. 

A typical hearing test at a specialist's office. 

An otolaryngologist is a doctor who specializes in problems of the ears, nose, and throat.  An otologist is a doctor who specializes in problems of the ears, nose, and throat and also in the medical and surgical management of dizziness, hearing loss, and tumors of the ear.  The otolaryngologist or otologist will perform other tests and get medical clearance. For people over 18 years of age the otolaryngologist or the otologist can complete the medical clearance.  The otolaryngologist or otologist then refers you to an audiologist if hearing aids are recommended. 

An audiologist will go over your medical history, perform more tests and prescribe hearing aids, if they are medically necessary. 


How to find a hearing care provider

If you or a member of your household are experiencing problems with hearing, contact your Primary Care Physician first.

For a listing of Hearing Care Providers that accept Medicaid please call your individual health plan or by clicking on the web links below and follow the instructions provided.


Aetna Better Health Plan

1-866-316-3784 (TTY: 711)


  • Click on Medicaid, MIChild, Healthy Michigan
  • Enter zip code
  • Click ENT for otolaryngology/otology
  • Click search


Blue Cross Complete

1-800-228-8554 (TTY: 711)


  • For provider type click specialist
  • Enter city and state or county, township
  • Click submit


McLaren Health Plan

1-888-327-0671 (TTY: 711)

Traditional/Straight Medicaid http://www.mclarenhealthplan.org/medicaid-member/Find-a-Provider-medicaid.aspx

Medicaid - Healthy Michigan Plan http://www.mclarenhealthplan.org/healthy-michigan-member/Find-a-Provider-medicaid.aspx

  •   Click on specialty type otolaryngology
  •   Click on county add Washtenaw
  •   Enter zip code
  •   Click find


Meridian Health Plan

1-888-437-0606 (TTY: 711)

Traditional/Straight Medicaid https://corp.mhplan.com/en/member/michigan/meridianhealthplan/benefits-resources/tools-resources/provider-search/

Medicaid - Healthy Michigan Plan https://corp.mhplan.com/en/member/michigan/healthymichiganplan/benefits-resources/tools-resources/provider-search/

  • Click on more search options
  • Enter zip code
  • Enter results in 10 mile radius
  • Click on specialty type otolaryngology
  • Click search


Molina Health Plan

1-888-898-7969 (TTY: 711)


  • For Cover Plan select Medicaid/Healthy MI Plan/MIChild
  • Click search by county
  • Enter state
  • Enter county For coverage type click on Medicaid/Healthy Michigan/MIChild
  • Click on specialist for provider type
  • For the specialty select otolaryngology or pediatric otolaryngology
  • Click search


UnitedHealthCare Plan

1-877-892-3995 (TTY: 711)


  •   Click on specialty type - otolaryngology
  •   Enter Plan Name
  •   Click find doctor


No health insurance?

Please click on the link below if you or a member of your household are experiencing problems with hearing and do not have health insurance.  These organizations may be able to provide financial assistance for hearing care and hearing devices.  Check with your local doctor and other agencies that provide assistance in your community. 

Hearing Loss Association of America


Have a question?  Leave a comment and we will answer you. 

-T. South Peterson

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