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Emergency Food Assistance: Did you lose food because of the power outage?


Were you recently affected by the power outage?  There is help if your food was spoiled and had to be thrown away.  

visit a food pantry 

If you lost food during the outage and need food for your family, food pantries can help. Any eligible member of the community can go to a Food Gatherer’s pantry site for food if they are in an emergency and need food immediately. Emergency food resources are intended for those who do not have financial resources for food, and only provide a few days’ worth of food.

Food Gatherers has a great list of food pantries and resources.  Here's a link to their searchable directory.


If you currently receive food benefits (sNAP/FAP/Bridge Card), you can apply for extra benefits 

You must visit your local DHHS office BEFORE or ON MONDAY, 03/27/2017 and request a 601 Affidavit.  The 601 Affidavit if printed at the local office and asks you to list the food you lost.  The form is returned to the caseworker and you should receive a notice with about 10 days.  You are eligible for extra assistance up to the amount of your monthly benefit.  If you get $16/month, you will only qualify for $16.  If you have a big family and your benefit is $600, you could qualify for up to $600.  

Your caseworker can request proof that your power was out.  In Washtenaw County, DTE has provided a letter to DHHS listing all the affected zip codes.  Here is a link to the letter.  Here are the zip codes: 48105, 48108, 48109, 48108, 48118, 48130, 48158, 48176, 48189, 48191, 48197 and 48198.  If you are in Wayne County, your DHHS office received a similar letter.  

If you currently do not receive food assistance from DHHS, you can still apply for help. 


If you are not currently receiving food assistance from DHHS, your best bet is to visit a food pantry.  You can apply for assistance from DHHS by filling out an SER application.  SER application in English. SER application in Spanish.  You are eligible for $3 per person per day.  If you have a big family, it might be worth it to fill out the application.  You can also go to the DHHS office and they can assist you with the application. You must apply before or on Monday, 03/27/2017. 


Interested in Food Policy?  Check out the Washtenaw County Food Policy Council!  


DHHS Policies

Food Benefit Replacement BAM 502

Emergency Services ERM 209 


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Stamp Out Hunger Saturday May 9, 2015

There's a National Food Drive on Saturday May 9, 2015!

What it is: It’s the pretty much the easiest way to donate food: Just put some nonperishable food  in a bag by your mailbox before your letter carrier arrives on Saturday, May 9, and it’ll  go to your local food bank (That’s Food Gatherers, if you’re in Washtenaw County, and Gleaners, if you're in Livingston County)!

You can use any bags you have handy, and you'll get the great feeling that you’re fighting hunger!

What they take: The Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive will take donations of nonperishable foods in non-breakable containers (no glass jars, please). For instance: canned meats and fish, canned fruit, canned vegetables & beans, baby food and formula, Ensure or other liquid nutritional supplements, peanut butter, canned or boxed stews and soups, dry milk, cereal bars, boxed or canned juices, boxed instant food, boxed or bagged pasta, rice & dried beans, baking mixes… or use your imagination and donate the foods that you want to give to people in your community that suffer from food insecurity. 

What it is: it’s the nation’s largest single day food-drive, and it’s brought in way more than a BILLION pounds of food in the last 20 years. Led by the National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL/CIO), with help from other postal employees, rural letter carriers and additional volunteers, all 50 states plus DC, Puerto Rico, Guam & the Virgin Islands- more than 10,000 cities- all participate in this giant food drive on the second Saturday of every May, thoughtfully scheduled to occur in the spring because food banks are between the holiday season and the growing season, and suffer most from a depletion of stores right about now.

What it does: Currently, this amazing food drive brings in around 70 million pounds of food in a single day- that’s a phenomenal result! What does it mean to us at Food Gatherers? Last year, it meant 129,000 lbs of food! Our sincere thanks to our nation’s letter carriers for this terrific event, and for helping to fight hunger where  live!

Thanks to the letter carriers!

This post is being re-blogged from our friends at Food Gatherers, Washtenaw County's food rescue program. But remember, letter carriers across the country will be collecting food on Saturday! So it doesn't matter where you live, you can participate!

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