Why it could be worse (or better) to be sick in some states than others

Where you live could mean the difference between life and death.  

How did Medicaid start? 

Why doesn't the United States have Universal Health Care?  

Who lobbied against socialized medicine when most of the world adopted it?

Why is Medicaid different from one state to the next?

Vox.com made a great video to explain the history of Medicaid and how block grants, expanded Medicaid and legislation have created health care disparities from one state to another.  

What about Michigan? 


Michigan expanded Medicaid to cover adults under 138% (133% with a 5% disregard) of the poverty level in 2014. In order for Medicaid to be expanded in Michigan, Michigan legislature insisted upon two modifications (aka waivers). The modifications involved cost sharing:  people have to pay small co-pays and premium-type payments for their Medicaid.  (Read more here: Paying for Medicaid: Co-pays and Contributions.)  

Expanded Medicaid or as it is called in Michigan, the Healthy Michigan Plan, has helped millions of people become healthier.  People have gained access to care, boosted the economy, and received mental health and substance use abuse treatment. 

If you are wondering if you are eligible for Medicaid, call 734-544-3030 or walk-in to our offices from 9am-4pm Monday - Friday. We Help People - Like You! 


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