Read, Dream, Play and Win at the Library This Summer!

There are so many ways to enjoy summer!  The Ypsilanti District Library and the Ann Arbor District Library both have summer reading games and events to add to your summer fun!  Win points for prizes by reading books!  Ride a blender bike to make a smoothie!  Search for codes hidden all over Ann Arbor! 

Ann Arbor District Library has launched the 2016 Summer Game!  Get ready to win points by earning badges and collecting codes.  You can attend events, read books, complete tasks and solve clues for codes to win points.  Points can be cashed out for fun prizes like hoodies, coffee mugs, pens and lots of other cool stuff.  

You have found the first of two codes needed for the Count on the County badge right here on our website!  HEALTHCARECOUNTS is the code.  The other code can be found in a window of the Washtenaw County building where you can find deeds and you can get a Washtenaw County ID.

Now you might be wondering--why are we writing about library games when we're all about health care? Because fun and games lead us to a serious point--everyone needs health care, and we can help! But fun and games are cool, too, right? So: game on!


Dream Factory is Ypsilanti District Library's Summer Reading program. 

Summer Reading is a great way to read what you want at your own pace, learn exciting new things at the library and keep your brain in shape for next year at school! 

This summer, let the library be your Dream Factory where you explore, dream, experiment, imagine and create. Explore real and fantasy worlds in books and online. Do you dream of being a paleontologist, stuntman, rocket scientist, engineer or artist? There is a library program for you and you can earn a badge and a chance to win exciting prizes by attending! Get started today by registering for an account.

Check out the Ypsilanti Library calendar and find out what's happening. On Mondays, Growing Hope hosts Seed2Plate.  Kids and teens create snacks with local food picked from the garden.  Kids and teens can also go to the library on for Friday Food Fun with Food Gatherers.  Churn butter, make fizzing sherbet and use your muscles to blend a smoothie riding the blender bike.  Lego nights!  Movies!  Pokemon! Oobleck!  There are so many fun summer activities at the library. 

Read, go to library and enjoy summer! 

-Meredith Buhalis

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