How to Find a DHHS Caseworker's Email Address (and Phone Number)


Sometimes clients would like to contact their Department of Health and Human Services caseworkers by email. This may be because the caseworker isn't answering their phone calls, or because the client is not restricted to contacting the caseworker during business hours. In other words, a client who works from 9-5 can send an email at 11 at night, or 5 in the morning!

Emails have other advantages as well.

Unlike a phone call, there is confirmation that you made an attempt to contact your worker, and when the worker responds, there is a written record of what the worker actually told you.

In addition, if your worker needs a document (for example, recent pay stubs or a copy of a green card), you can attach the document to the email.

Please note: If you are a social worker or case manager for another agency and you are working to help a client, be sure to include a release of information when you contact the DHHS caseworker!


There's only one problem. Just how are you supposed to get the DHHS caseworker's email address?  Here are three ways to identify the caseworker.

1. If you have a letter from DHHS regarding a case: In the top right hand side of any letter about a case that you get from DHHS, there should be several lines in the top right-hand corner. One of them should say Specialist/ID. Take the ID, and add to it. (See the example on this page.)

Contact DHHS worker.jpg

Special bonus! That letter also has a fax number. You can always fax documents (such as pay stubs) or other information (for example, an address change) to your worker as well. Make sure to write your case number and name on every page, and to keep a copy of the fax receipt.

2. If you know the caseworker's name, but don't have the specialist ID: the State of Michigan has an employee lookup at the web page. (Look for State Email and Phone Directory under online services.) Here is the direct link to the State of Michigan Contact Directory. 

3. If you don't know the case worker's name, you can try calling (734)481-2000 in Washtenaw County or (517)548-0200 in Livingston County during business hours, and asking for your case worker's name and contact information. 

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