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En espanol - ACTUALIZADO ** Eligiendo un Plan de Salud de Medicaid - (888)367-6557

Now that your Medicaid is active, the next step is to choose a Medicaid Health plan.


Once enrolled in Medicaid, Michigan Enrolls will send you a letter to choose a Medicaid Health Plan.  

**Which health plan is available in my county?  

Not all plans are available in all counties, here is a map of all the health plans by county.  **Washtenaw County is part of Region 9 which also includes Livingston, Jackson, Washtenaw, Hillsdale, Lenawee and Monroe counties. Your choices include Aetna Better Health, Blue Cross Complete, McLaren, MeridianMolina and UnitedHealthcare. Here is a helpful document for choosing your plan Washtenaw County or Livingston County. 

How do I choose my plan? 

- Call your doctor or specialist and ask them which plans they accept. 

- If you do not have a doctor, you can call the health plans and ask for names of doctors who are near you or search for doctors on the health plan's website.  Always call the doctor to make sure they are still participating with that health plan and that they are accepting new patients. 

- If you do not choose a health plan, MI Enrolls will enroll you into a plan.  You will have 90 days after enrollment to change your health plan.  Call immediately if you are enrolled in a plan you do not want.    

There are three ways to enroll:

- Call Michigan Enrolls (888-367-6557) and select your health plan over the phone.

- Mail the completed form to Michigan Enrolls.

- **If you receive a letter that contains a PIN number, you can visit healthcare4mi.com and enroll in a plan.  You can also order a new green and blue mihealth card. 

Once you are enrolled in a health plan, you cannot switch to a different plan until your open enrollment period.  Your open enrollment period is the month that corresponds to the last number of your case number.  If your case number is 12345678, then you can change your health plan in August.  You can switch your primary care physician at anytime so long as they participate with your current health plan.



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-M. Buhalis

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