Help! I missed the December 17th deadline. Now what?



The December 17th deadline was to get onto the Marketplace and enroll in a health plan that would start on January 1, 2016. Open Enrollment continues until January 31, 2016. Enrolling after December 15 changes the date your 2016 insurance starts.  

(medicaid is always open for enrollment.  If you qualify for medicaid, you can apply online at Anytime.  check your income here.)


I had Marketplace insurance in 2015 but I didn't update my application. 

If you had Marketplace insurance in 2015 and you didn't get onto the Marketplace, you have been re-enrolled into the same plan with a new tax credit based on your 2014 Tax Return.  You can still change plans before January 31, 2016.  If you waited you will have your auto-enrolled plan for January and new plan starting on February 1 (if you enroll before January 15) or March 1 (if you enroll after January 15). 

I did not have Marketplace insurance in 2015.  

If you didn't have health insurance in 2015, you still have time to enroll.  Enroll before January 15, 2015 and your coverage will start February 1.  Enroll before January 31 and your coverage will start March 1.  Not sure if you qualify for the Marketplace?  If your income is above the Medicaid income guidelines and you don't have an employer offer of coverage, you need to go on the Marketplace (

My employer offers insurance but I think it is too expensive.

Employer coverage tool from  

Employer coverage tool from 

If you have an offer of insurance from your employer, you must enroll if it is considered affordable.  The rules are slightly complicated, so you may want to visit an organization that can help you figure this out. Before you come to an appointment or call, have your employer fill out an employer coverage tool.  Having complete information about your employer's insurance offer is necessary in determining your options.  Find an agency here.

If the insurance meets minimum standards, and the cost of the insurance for the individual is less than 8% of the household income, it will definitely be considered affordable.

To find out if your employer insurance is affordable, have your employer fill out an employer coverage tool.  

I don't know what health coverage is right for me.  What do I do? 


Find an agency who assists with health care and call them.  Nonprofit agencies in Washtenaw County are listed  Looking throughout Michigan? Look here.

Call the Marketplace (1-800-318-2596) or go to their website

Start here to see what you and your family may qualify for.  It is not unusual for parents to be on the Marketplace and children to qualify for Medicaid or MIChild.

M. Buhalis

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