New Options for Michigan Medicaid Health Plans Starting January 1, 2016

Starting January 1 there are some changes to Medicaid health plans around the state of Michigan. Washtenaw and Livingston counties are part of Region 9, which includes Washtenaw, Livingston, Jackson, Monroe, Lenawee and Hillsdale counties. 

In Region 9, the choices for Medicaid managed care plans are: 







In the past, the Medicaid managed care plans were set by county, and many of these plans are new to the counties they are in.

One of the biggest changes is that HAP Midwest is no longer operating in any of these counties, and they sold their list to Molina If you or your children had HAP Midwest as your Medicaid or MIChild Health Plan, you will be automatically switched to Molina.  Any member can call the Medicaid Helpline (800-642-3195) and choose another Medicaid Health Plan within 90 days, but if you do not your health plan will be Molina.  

The map on the right shows the Medicaid Health Plans by region. If you live in a different part of the state of Michigan, just click on the map to find out about your choices of health plans.

One more change to take note of: individuals with MIChild will now have the same choices of managed care plans as Medicaid.

With all of the changes going on, if you have Medicaid and your managed care plan has changed, today would be a good day to call your doctor's office and make sure they take your new plan! If not, you still have time to change it.

--M. Buhalis

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