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News from January 2017:

What President Trump’s executive order does and does not mean
President Trump issued an executive order on Friday that instructs his agencies to use their existing powers to weaken the Affordable Care Act "to the maximum extent permitted by law." While the order is sending tremors throughout the health insurance market, alarming health care providers and consumers alike, it’s important to note what it does not do:

  • On its own the order cannot dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

  • The order does not change people’s ability to enroll in coverage and get subsidies for 2017 health plans. Current efforts to encourage people to enroll in marketplace coverage should continue and people should continue to sign up.

What the executive order does do is signal the Trump administration’s intent to begin dismantling the ACA. With this order, Trump assumes responsibility for what comes next as his massive changes to America’s health care system jeopardize the coverage and protections for  millions. While the full impact of this executive order has yet to be seen, it is important for consumers to still enroll in coverage.