About Coverage Counts & HEALTHCARECOUNTS.ORG

Our Mission:

Coverage Counts is a program of the Washtenaw Health Plan. We are working toward a one hundred percent health coverage rate for residents of Washtenaw County. We also have a special interest in (and more information about) "the county next door," Livingston County, because of a grant that we had in prior years. 

We strive to provide accurate information that will allow people to find the best health care options for their family. 

With this web site we provide information that should be accurate for the State of Michigan, although much of the information is appropriate nationally. You can subscribe to our blog and get regular updates from us.

Billboard donated by Adams Outdoor Advertising

Billboard donated by Adams Outdoor Advertising

Much of the work of the Washtenaw Health Plan staff involves helping people apply for Medicaid or Marketplace coverage, and explaining how to access health care. We also run a safety net health care program (called the Washtenaw Health Plan's Plan B) for people who are not eligible for Medicaid or Marketplace coverage and are low income. (Enrollment is only open to Washtenaw County residents who would not be subject to a tax penalty under the Affordable Care Act.)

We also work on reducing gaps in the safety net and improving access to care in Washtenaw County. For instance, we recently released a needs assessment on immigrant mental health.

Visit Us!

If you want to come see us, we are located in the same building as Washtenaw County Public Health, 555 Towner, Ypsilanti, Michigan--and we are open to walk-ins Monday through Friday, 9-4. We can be reached at (734) 544-3030. 

If we have helped you and you want to help us back, you can:

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If you have questions about the website or technical issues, please contact Meredith Buhalis or Ruth Kraut.